Update 7.10 Released

Player rankings updates, both Standard and PPR

Depth Chart updates

Free agent updates

Fixed Depth Chart and Cheat Sheet links for Android 4.4 users

Colored dots on right side are an ADP visual aid: if green, that player is within range of his ADP; if yellow, the player is likely to be drafted in the next round or so; if red, it is too early to draft this player based on their ADP.

Update 7.05 Released

Just released a new update with some fixes and new features.

Auction drafts you can you edit each team’s available bankroll in the Team Names view.

Added more analysis/results views: team grid and bye weeks analysis per fantasy team, which is a grid showing how many players at each position each team has drafted by bye week.

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Update 7.04 Released

  • PPR rankings added
  • Depth charts show taken players as crossed out (e.g. Peyton Manning)
  • Cheat Sheet HTML Export and email
  • A few minor fixes
  • Default Rankings updates

Next update will address keeper league auction values.

Some recent screen shots from the app:




2014 Update Now Available

We really wanted to get this one out for this weekend, and we did.  HOWEVER, auction drafts and dynasty drafts are disabled until we can fix a few remaining issues and get some more testing.

Let us know how it looks.