Version 6.29 Released

Fully interactive (and updated) Depth Charts!  All players are now hyperlinks back to the main draft screen.  So, you just click on a player in the depth chart, and they become the selected player in the draft.  From there, you can view stats, check latest news, add player to your queue, and/or draft the player.  There is also a button for quick access to depth charts from the main draft screen.

Also added ability to edit roster positions during the draft (after league setup).

As always, rankings, ADP and depth charts have also been updated to reflect injuries, trades, etc.

Screenshot_2013-08-21-17-28-44 Screenshot_2013-08-21-17-30-13 Screenshot_2013-08-21-17-29-43

Player Rankings

We will be adjusting the default app player rankings for the next update (due Wed.), based on this weekend’s pre-season action.

Moving Up

  • QB Michael Vick
  • QB Brandon Weeden
  • RB LeSean McCoy
  • RB Matt Forte
  • RB Trent Richardson
  • RB Eddie Lacy
  • RB Reggie Bush
  • WR Danny Amendola
  • WR Josh Gordon
  • WR Chris Givens
  • WR Jermaine Kearse
  • TE Jermichael Finley
  • TE Jordan Cameron

Moving Down

  • QB E.J. Manuel (Injured: will miss rest of pre-season)
  • QB Joe Flacco (just looks bad for fantasy production)
  • WR Kendall Wright (knee)
  • TE Dustin Keller (Injured: out for season)

Update 6.28 Released

Added player search button onto main draft screen.  This was heavily requested by users.

Added hyperlinks to depth charts for each team, as well as “Back to Top” links.  This makes navigating depth charts much simpler and faster.

More ADP and auction value updates.

Fixed a problem with custom draft order up/down arrows.


Interactive Cheat Sheet

The interactive cheat sheet is an electronic version of the old stand-by: lists of players by position that you cross off as the draft goes on.  Our version is launched from the main draft, and shows taken players in red (with the team who drafted them), as well as hyperlinks on available players.  When you decide on a player, or want more information on a player, simply click the player in the cheat sheet and you will be taken back to the draft with that player selected and on top of the list.  From there, you can look at player stats, add player to your queue, or draft the player.

This view also includes pinch-to-zoom and scrolling, so you can more easily view and select players.





Rosters are a great way to track your draft.  Not only is it crucial to keep track of your own players, but it helps to see what the needs are of every other team in your league.

After creating a new league, you will be asked to set the starting roster spots for that league (below, left).  During the draft, you can track your team by looking at the roster view.  The last team selected will be shown the next time you view rosters.  To view all rosters, click the View All Teams button.  Now you will see the rosters grid (bottom).




Drafting Tutorial

The main draft screen (below, left) is where drafting occurs.  It provides draft status (round, round pick, overall pick), previous/current/next teams to pick, players taken by position, sort and filter controls, and selected player control with Draft and Undo Pick buttons.

Below the draft status and its controls lies the available players list.  Players are listed with their position, team, name, overall and position rank, ADP, and bye week (and auction value if auction league).  Their is also a star toggle to add players to your queue and an expand button to view players stats.

To draft a player, click on the desired player in the list (that will become the selected player near the top of the screen, just above the list).  Then hit the Draft button.  You can undo the last pick by pressing the Undo button.

Sort/Filter: You may filter the available players list by any position or no filter.  You may sort the available players list by Default Rank, PPR Rank, ADP, Custom Ranks, First Name, Last Name, Team.

Screenshot_2013-08-12-13-54-43 Screenshot_2013-08-12-13-54-50



Update 6.24 Released

Updated ADP, Auction Values, and rankings.

Added IDP rookies, and a few more offensive player rookies.

Fixed edit draft picks (esp. for auction leagues).

Fixed some dynasty/keeper settings.


League Settings

  1. Type in a name for your league
  2. Specify the number of teams in your league
  3. Set the roster size, which will determine the number of draft rounds
  4. If this is an Auction league, check the Auction Draft box and then set the amount that each team will start with
  5. If this is a Dynasty/Keeper league, check that box; if the protected players affect the draft (i.e. you use a 2nd round pick to keep Adrian Peterson), then you must also check the “Protected Players Use Draft Picks” box.  If protected players simply are taken off the board and do not affect the draft (e.g. they are “Pre-Draft”), then do not check that box.
  6. Draft Ordering (see below)
  7. If you are drafting Individual Defensive Players, check that box
  8. Click Done when you are finished with the league setup

Draft Ordering

  1. Serpentine (Snake): rounds alternate order
  2. 3rd Round Serpentine (12 team league: 1st round goes 1-12, 2nd round goes 12-1, 3rd round also goes 12-1, then 4th round goes 1-12, and serpentine after)
  3. 3rd Round Reversal (12 team league: 1st round goes 1-12, 2nd/3rd/4th rounds go 12-1, then serpentine after)
  4. Double Serpentine (12 team league: 1st/2nd rounds go 1-12, 3rd/4th rounds go 12-1, 5th/6th rounds go 1-12, and so on)
  5. NFL Draft Style is no reversals (1-12, 1-12, 1-12, and so on)

Screenshot_2013-08-12-13-50-39 Screenshot_2013-08-12-13-52-39

Update 6.23 Available

News feeds have been added! From the main draft menu, click “News” and you get the latest NFL player news from: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Rotoworld, and more.

Also: player rankings updated, a few minor bug fixes.

Next update scheduled for Wednesday, August 14th. This will include player rankings updates, more rookies (especially IDP), etc.